San Diego Piers

San Diego County is home to seven piers, many of which provide opportunities for fishing and restaurants with sunset views. Piers are the perfect place to take a stroll, marvel at the surfers below, or simply people watch. Some of our favorites: The Oceanside Pier is the second-longest pier in San Diego County. The pier is 1,942 feet long and is made of wide, sometimes uneven wooden planks. Ruby's Diner is at the end of the pier. A crystal pier in Pacific Beach, you can sleep over the ocean in one of 29 cottages on the pier. Make your reservations way ahead of time: 11 months for a summer reservation, four months for a wintertime stay. The Ocean Beach Pier is the longest concrete structure on the west coast at 1,971 feet. A walk down the Imperial Beach Pier ends at the Tin Fish Cafe and a view of Mexico.