Go Ziplining

Take a fun adventure for the whole family at La Jolla Zip Zoom, a 2 hours guided tour featuring three thrilling zipline courses. The courses range from 300 feet to over 2700 feet in length with high speeds of 50 miles per hour. The side-by-side lines allow you to experience thrills next to a companion. Take in the spectacular views of Palomar Mountain. The San Luis Rey River and the La Jolla Indian Reservation. The native guides will share stories about this beautiful Indian reservation established in 1875. The local plants and wildlife found on the reservation still make up a small portion of their traditions. The La Jolla Zip Zoom is committed to providing each guest with a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience. From the trained Adventure Guides to their industry-leading technology your safety is their top priority. Experience that sense of freedom, speeding through the air above it all at La Jolla Zip Zoom, California's most exciting zipline! LA JOLLA ZIP ZOOM (760) 742-3776