Go ocean rafting

Looking for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime? Go ocean rafting and experience everything the Pacific has and to offer in a unique and exciting way. You will feel the wind in your hair, the ocean spray on your face and the selling waters beneath you. Instead of following tour guides and maps, you will move in sync with your own interests, weather conditions, wildlife cycles and more. Xplore Offshore is San Diego's premier ocean adventure company. Navy SEAL-style boat with your friends, family and Coast Guard certifies staff. Get up close and persona with San Diego's sea life like whales, dolphins, sunfish, seals, porpoises, and other. Experience the difference with your friends and family with Xplore Offshores intimate and personal touches on their Navy SEAL-style boat with a Coast Guard certifies captain. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind adrenaline packed adventure of a lifetime! XPLORE OFFSHORE (858) 361-9494